A Real Moveable Feast at OWS Tucson

By on November 6, 2011


November 06, 2011 




Reported by Doug Mitchell at the Tucson OWS Saturday, November 05, 2011



At 10:35 PM Thursday, November 3rd, the Tucson, Arizona police force descended on Occupy Tucson and informed them that they had one hour to vacate the park they were occupying since October 15th.  All the tents, sleeping bags and equipment had to be out of the park or the police would confiscate everything and begin to make arrests.  Until that night, Tucson police were issuing $1,000 citations to anyone who remained in the park after the official closing hour of 10 PM, but not evicting them. 


Occupy Tucson immediately put out a call for volunteers on their web site.  In the middle of the night from all over Tucson volunteers converged on the park, and within two hours it was completely and peacefully vacated and returned to what protesters described as impeccable condition. They helped set up a new campsite in another park about three blocks away, and then suffered through a rainy, cold night. 


The next morning the restaurant crew, headed by volunteer Mike Presley, was open for business serving a cold, but nourishing breakfast to over 100 protesters. 


My wife and I didn’t find out about the raid and location change until the next evening when we saw film of it on television.  The next day, Saturday, we drove down to take our weekend place behind the table that serves as the new kitchen area. 


There were hungry people to be fed including an additional contingent from MoveOn.org who had decided to show its solidarity with the occupiers in a march through Tucson’s financial district.  Cold beans,  some store-bought chickens and a packaged salad served with unheated tortillas helped nourish the hungry marchers, and another attempt to destroy the Occupy Movement was defeated by citizens taking immediate action in defense of American liberty. 


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