Hunger in America: Cause for Outrage. Where is Frank Bruni?

By on November 6, 2011

Letter to the editor New York Times

Re: Frank Bruni’s “the Invention of Outrage”  sr3

From: Linda West Eckhardt

Editor: Everybody Eats News

Frank Bruni missed it – again – in the Sunday New York Times, November 06, 2011, with his umbrage over Kardashian’s press and Greece’s tragedy. Not to mention his federal deficit analysis. He totally blew by the hunger in America. Now there’s cause for outrage.

I started reading his essay – it seemed to have great promise, but he seems to prove the opposite of what he posits.  Americans have lost their capacity for outrage.  They prefer to be distracted by drivel – Kardashian, the deficit debacle, and the Greeks.

What Americans need to keep their eye on is the economy, the loss of jobs, the housing catastrophe, the real hunger in America.

With one out of five people in this country relying on food stamps, and literally thousands of children going hungry every night,  These are the train wrecks in our society that threaten to drive us over the cliff.

Yet, much to my disappointment, Frank Bruni seems to see himself as the leader of the lemmings devoting precious time watching Facebook’s reaction to Mz. Kardashian’s vapid remarks.

One half page above the fold in the New York Times?  What a waste of good paper and good minds.

You want to talk to people who get it about what’s going wrong with America,  focus on the OWS groups popping up all over the country and the world.

No jobs.  Not enough to eat.  No housing.  These are the issues that can split our country wide open.  I’m so disappointed in Frank Bruni.  I thought he was a deeper thinker than he seems to be.


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