Bahama Breeze: The Tropical Chain Where its Always Summer and the Food is All Fresh. Yes. All.

By on February 13, 2012

Always Summer in Here:  At Bahama Breeze That is

Bahama Breeze, where its summer every day

The snow is snowing,  the wind is blowing, and you need a tropical breeze?  And maybe a steel drum, and a skinny cocktail after a hard day at work.  Bahama Breeze provides all that.  They have lotsa locations  see

Now this place is fun,  and well priced, and mirable dictu, unlike most of their other out-of-the-can and the-freezer competition,  they cook their food from scratch every day.

Who knew?  A mid-priced chain restaurant that got the memo.  We want fresh food and we want it now.  Thank you Bahama Breeze.

Part of the Darden chain that also operates Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, and Seasons 52.  I have to say,  I am usually quite disdainful of this category of restaurant,  sort of fast casual with nice napkins,  but these folks have got it going on.

The managers, waiters, chefs, and bartenders are so well trained it’s amazing.  They are friendly, they are competent,  and they take care of your every need.

Bahama Breeze Aruba Red Fish Tacos Yum!

The prices are beyond reasonable, and the selections will take you right back to the Caribbean,  OR, if you’ve never been there,  now you can say you have.  It’s that good.

Coconut Shrimp on the little plates

We went for the happy hour, which rocks every day and draws an afterwork crowd,  plus families and oldsters there for early dinner.

Skinny Mojito

Little plates, yummy preparations,  what’s not to love.

Yes, I know coconut shrimp is the ultimate cliché at a place like this.  But made with fresh shrimp and hand dipped in coconut – wowee zowee.  My drop dead fave, however, was their version of a shrimp cocktail, served in a martini glass and oozing citrus juices and red peppers and cilantro.  Yowza.  That was it.

I’m going back, and I’m taking all my friends.  Like maybe this Friday.

Check out the menu.  And keep this in the front of your mind.  According to the manager,  everything they put before you came in the back door fresh and was cooked on site.   What a concept.  lwe

and do order dessert.

Bahama Breeze Key Lime Pie. save some room



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