If The Bottle Is Marked Poison, Will You Feed it to your child? I don’t think so. Earth Day is Coming. Say No to GMO…

By on April 19, 2012

Carnations before being dyed green for Earth Day

Everytime you feed your family GM crops, they have been poisoned with Roundup, made by Monsanto before they even began to grow.  Even the company is forced to label the product “Poison!”.

Where are these gm crops?  Everywhere  90% of the corn grown in this country is GMO.  Add to that almost all the soy (say goodbye to American tofu), and feed crops for livestock, which wind up on your dinner plates too. Almost every loaf of bread, every corn tortilla,  all cold breakfast cereals, processed foods.  Almost every single thing in the grocery store that has a “list” of ingredients, includes HFCS, GMO grains, and other poisonous ingredients. 

With Earth Day right around the corner,  here’s a way to demonstrate how Roundup and other poisons work.

eek!  Save your family.  save the world.




EARTH DAY-Do the Green Carnation Pesticide Demo or tell it.


SIMPLY put some WHITE CARNATIONS in to a jar/vase of water with a generous amount of GREEN FOOD COLORING over night or a few hours.

Then DISPLAY at stores, schools, churches, your home…for all to see. Ask them to wash off the coloring. They can’t. Point made.

This is the same for any pesticide/herbicide that is applied on the roots or on the leaves of trees and plants–EVEN ROUNDUP.


There are so many viable alternatives instead of “THE UNTHINKABLE RISK” to our children–ourselves. This is an “AH, HA!” moment for all who see it or hear about it! The real battle is for our food supply!


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“When you drink from a bottle marked poison–it is certain to disagree with you sooner of later.” Wisdom from ALICE IN WONDERLAND.
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