Mayor Bloomberg is right. No One Needs to Swill Down Giant Sugar-Filled Sodas. But What to Drink?

By on June 4, 2012

New York Kerfuffle Over Sweetened Sodas Reminds Me

Big soda for a little guy banned in New York

This is not exactly news is it.  Now there are ads all over the tv here in the North East showing a man mainlining sugar out of those little packets with the news that one soda has 35 little packs.  Who knew?  Well anybody who has been paying attention, that’s who.

I’m sure you knew that.  My mother, way back in the fifties, never allowed cokes in the house.  Inherently suspicious of them,  I only got that guilty pleasure when I went to my cousin, Denise’s house. Her mother also allowed potato chips, which I thought was quite amazing.

So today, anybody with a lick of sense knows to pass by the endless line of sweetened soft drinks and so-called fruit drinks in the grocery store.

You know that my go-to drink is what I call Lemon Water,  a glass of ice water with a squeeze of lemon and a bit of sweetener.  It’s refreshing,  it’s cheap and I like it.  Oh, I know they say drinking lemon can melt the enamel off your teeth, but omg.  What’s left – besides plain water.

Three products have come to my attention lately that I believe are good alternatives to icky sweet sodas.  They taste good.  You feel as if you’ve had a treat and they are all free of sugars.

Here they are.

Polar Mint Mojito Seltzer is calorie free, no sugar and no sodium. Yeah!

Polar 100% natural seltzer is calorie free, has been made since 1882, preceding all the sweetened sodas.  Contains no juice, no sodium, no sugar and come is spiffy flavors, like MintMojito, Ginger Lemonade, Pineapple Passionfruit, Pina Colada and Orange Mango.  These seltzers are supposed to remind you of exotic destinations.  Like Miami for the lime.  Oh please, they will do anything to sell products now, won’t they.  You don’t need to think of some vacation destination to enjoy the clean bright flavor of Polar.  They’re just good, and available, nationwide.

Honest Tea, gets my vote for best glass bottled tea on the market.  Here’s why.  The flavors are clean and bright,  they’ve used a bunch of different versions of teas – my personal fave is jasmine Green Energy Tea,  16 ounces and only 34 calories per bottle,  it’s organic and it’s real tea.  It’s naturally invigorating, is both good and good for the planet –  as are all their flavors. It’s a company with a sound business plan and good feel for what it takes to be sustainable.  I like it and I recommend it.

And now to our favorite beverage, coffee.  Caffe Bomrad sent me a 2 pound package of some luscious coffee I just had to tell you about.  This coffee comes from Turin and is both roasted and packed there in the green heart of Italy.  If you’ve ever stood up in one of those endless coffee shops in Italy,  you know they get it when it comes to roasting coffee beans.  Real newbies in this business,  they’ve only been at it since 1861.

One of the things I love most about Italians is their attention to detail. Buying Arabica beans, robusta, from various spots in the world,  they don’t roast them at the same time,  but separately.  Picky, picky.  That’s why they create such a superior product.  Check them out.  You’ll find this coffee to be superior.

Italians roast the best coffees: Try Caffe Bomrad

So there you have it.  Coffee, tea, or fizzy water.  And not a bit of HFCS in the bunch.  Thank goodness. Bottom’s Up.

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