March on July 4 to free us of GMO Foods. Find a March near you today

By on June 10, 2013

Moms against America are doing wonderful things to raise the consciousness of Americans about GMO labeling.  what are you doing July 4?  Celebrate independence from GMO food products.  Find or start your own parade.  Lets get behind this people.


Moms Across America: Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids

The California State Grange and Present:

“Support and community truly are empowering and the catalyst for positive change!”
Nancy Massotto Holistic Moms Network Founder
“We dads are just as responsible for the well being of our children as these brave moms.  Let’s support them.”
Bob McFarland President CA State Grange
“GMOs: not safe for Babies, Bees, and other living things!”
Roy Dittmann Author of “Brighton Baby”
“I believe the message has to come from mothers.”
Vandana Shiva Environmental activist and author
“I’m marching for the freedom to choose what we feed our families and the well being of our children for generations to come.”
Diana Reeves Founder GMOFREEUSA
“I am marching because it makes a difference in the world.”
Ben Honeycutt
“Dad’s say: Get GMO’s off our plates!”
John Diaz Contractor and Artist
“I am marching because it’s the right thing to do and I want to tell people about GMOs”
Alicia & Monica Serratos
“As a mom and a nutrition expert I support this march!”
J.J. Virgin Author of “The Virgin Diet”


Moms Invite Everyone to Join us in a Parade Near You. SIGN UP Below!

Moms have seen their kids’ health improve going GMO free. Many Americans still don’t know about GMOs. We want food labeled so all Americans have the Freedom to Choose their Food. Join us!

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 Why March?

“It is every consumer’s right to know if their food was raised with synthetic chemicals.”
Kathleen Hallal Co Founder MAA
“I am marching for the future of food, the health of our children and national right to know what is in our food.”
Zen Honeycutt Founder MAA
“I’m calling the Grandmothers out to march for the future of food for all the grandkids on the planet!”
Pamm Larry Founder
“In light of the escalating rates of diseases, knowing what’s in our food helps protect our health.  It’s one of the most patriotic things we can do.”
Robyn O’Brien Author “The Unhealthy Truth”

Why Are You Marching?

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