Starr Boggs, Best Restaurant in Westhampton

By on July 21, 2014

and maybe any other place – on the planet earth.  I loved it.  we went there for Rose’s birthday.  Patti, who is a Hamptons original, took us and it was swell.Starr Boggs

Starr Boggs, Westhampton’s venerated restaurant and watering hole is the place to see and be seen in the Hamptons. Lots of brown arms and crisp linen there but no socks. It’s a hoot.

Open for the summer season, is homey yet swanky in a Hamptons sort of way and  almost demands reservations. It’s always packed.  Sit indoors or out, it’s always a scene.Starr Boggs  patio

But you won’t mind, because the well-scrubbed wait staff is attentive beyond measure, plonks down the bread instantly and is there to attend your every need.

Yes, Starr Boggs, is a real person and has been in business in the Hamptons for decades. He serves every local fish and presents it well, plus some gorgeous Italian favorites that make you think of home – even if you aren’t Italian.

Starr grew up in a truck farming family of Virginia and began raising his own produce for the restaurant almost before he had a restaurant.  He was into farm to table before it was even a gleam in a jounalist’s eye.

I ordered “Sunday Gravy” which was a luscious deep red Italian red sauce with three kinds of meat: home-made sausage, short ribs, and Italian sweet sausage held down by toast swords. Alongside was a bowl of any pasta you chose.

The flavors were fantastic. All I added to that was a starter of Prosciutto de Parma and Cantaloupe locked in a loving embrace.

Another favorite at Starr’s is a Almond Crusted Fish with a side of Bananas.  Really.  Yummy.  See recipe below, courtesy of Starr.starr boggs fish

They offer great wines by the glass. The waiter suggested a super Tuscan and it was as advertised, super.

Out back from this bungalow is an open air bar that is also packed every night from the Spring opening to the Fall. It’s a great watering hole and has dedicated stool warmers who seem to have their own place at the bar. The sort of place where one would say – a good time was had by all.starr boggs outdoor bar

If you’re going to the Hamptons put this on your list. It’s four star with a tab to match, but you’ll be glad you went.  You’ll appreciate the original Andy Warhols on the wall before you even sit down and once you’re seated its a feast for the eyes, before they even pour the water into your glass, which will happen almost instantly.starr boggs andy warhol




Starr Boggs, 6 Parlato Drive, Westhampton, NY. 631- 288-3500

Open seven days during the season (which is determined by Starr. He opens and closes when the moment seems right. Don’t hesitate. Make your reservations today.)

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