SAVE THE DATE: August 15 Burpee opens its gates at Historic Fordhook Farm. Come One and All

By on August 6, 2015

Save the Date:  Saturday, August 15, 2015 Burpee’s historic Fordhook Farm opens its gates for visitors:  gardeners, cooks, thrill seekers,  designers, photographers, writers.  Fordhook Farms is located at 105 New Britain Road, Doylestown, PA.  for more info call Emily Smith  303 903 4970.

Form a nationwide brigade of gardeners to promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators.Burpee pollinator garden with butterly on a coneflower


Historic Fordhook Farm invites the public to its lovely Doylestown location to share the harvest and see the wonders of the Burpee Seed Company, which started here more than 130 years ago.

Join them for: Burpee Fest: Big Ideas Under a Big Tent as Burpee opens to the public for garden tours and workshops featuring distinguished nationally-recognized speakers. Meet George Ball, CEO and Burpee chairman as he shares his big vision for where gardening is today and where it’s going in the future.

See peak season gardening with more than 3000 species of plants at this, one of the birthplaces of American home gardening.

Want to know about vegetable gardening?  Planning your fall garden?  Dreaming about next season?  Here’s your chance.

Want to learn more about planting a Pollinator Garden? What is it and why should you want one?

  • With three out of four bites of food you put in your mouth depending on a bee for pollination
  • The loss of habitat for bees and the collapse of bee colonies demands participation by people coast to coast.
  • Burpee’s recognition of this threat to food production in this country and the national security threat it represents has joined forces with the department of the Interior (DOI) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to mount a serious effort to plant gardens to FEED THE BEES.
  • The visionary George Ball, CEO of Burpee, has created a seed packet distributed by the DOI and USDA to all national parks and other governmental locations.
  • On April 6, 2015, more than 30,000 seed packets were given to children participating in the annual White House Egg Roll on the White House lawn.
  • Additional venues are being developed by the USDA for distribution of Pollinator Garden Seed Packets.
  • More than 21 dazzling flower varieties were chosen by Burpee’s flower product manager, Venelin Dimitrov for the packet named: Burpee’s Bee Garden.
  • Join the Bee and Butterfly Brigade and save America’s bees for us all. Form a nationwide brigade of gardeners to promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators.
  • Visit Fordhook Farm August 15, 2015 to learn more.
  • This is One War we can Win. Every Bee Saved Counts.

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