Millenials Get Gardening

By on October 10, 2015

green beans growing in a potWho’s Gardening Now? Millennials!

Fresh veggies get young digging:  Fall Gardens, Window Gardens, Container Gardens.  The Millenials try it all.


By Shirley Barr

When the National Gardening Association announced food gardening by millennials had risen 63 percent in five years (from eight million households in 2008 to 13 million in 2013, local garden shops around the country weren’t surprised. More people—and especially the younger ones—are happily getting their hands and knees dirty growing their own food in 2015.

“The attendees at our Garden Series, a free Saturday morning offering at Cornelius Nursery, have changed from having grey hair to more pony tails especially in the past five years,” said Cindy Champion, who usually conducts these events for Cornelius in Houston. “One ardent vegetable grower is young Miu Ha. She is a corporate CPA during the week, but most weekends are spent on her balcony gardening.”

Mrs. Ha starts her container gardens with either seeds or seedlings. She selects either Burpee Better Boy or Big Boy tomato seedlings, or if she wants to grow heirloom tomatoes, Black Prince is the recommended choice from the experts at Cornelius.  “Heirlooms are delicious but they only grow one time,” she cautioned.

“I usually can harvest enough bush beans, tomatoes, collards, and cucumbers to feed my husband and myself all spring and summer,” she said. “I love gardening!”

Growing Veggies in Containers –Start with potting soil, such as Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil, that will drain well yet retain water to keep soil evenly moist. It provides substance to hold plants erect while allowing roots to spread.  Other tips:

  • Veggies need 5-7 hours of full sun
  • Consider starting smaller seeds like lettuce indoors
  • Use a wire cage over tomato plants grown in containers or small plots
  • Fertilize throughout the growing season

“One  more ultimate trick many tomato growers use for getting plants to grow taller and tomatoes bigger: Prune the small shoots near leaves where they grow from the stems,” says Cindy Champion, who has been working in horticulture about 40 years.##


Calloway’s Nursery Inc. and Cornelius Nursery ( invite you to visit its 17 retail garden centers serving the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston markets.

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