Rubbermaid Brilliance to the Rescue. Bringing order to the refrigerator

By on May 13, 2017

Rubbermaid Brilliance

If you are anything like me, perhaps being a Linoleum baby – as they call those of us who were born during the Depression – then perhaps you too have a penchant for hanging onto things beyond their reasonable life expectancy.
Especially in the food department. Now truth be told, I never went without food one single day in my life, thank Gawd, and since my job is developing recipes that inevitably yields to leftovers, the question becomes what to do with all that perfectly good food you can’t eat at one sitting.
Now my mother, god rest her soul, only ate to live, and she kept the neatest tidiest kitchen ever. For a good while she worked at Penney’s and bought a lot of the family food at Piggly Wiggly, a grocery store ahead of its time in that it had a lively thriving ready-to-eat section which sold a lot of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and jello salads.
Her refrigerator looked a lot like this ad for a 40’s refrigerator.
Fast forward to the present, and I am serving in the kitchen every day, trying out recipes, cooking for the diabetic dog, and making meals.
Sometimes things get out of hand, and I am overwhelmed by the job of just staying ahead of the overage.
But Rubbermaid has come to the rescue. Their new selection of storage containers is called Brilliance, and here’s what you get.
100% leak-proof containers that are stain resistant, crystal clear, microwave safe, made with heat resistnt BPA free material, and, to top it all of they are stackable.
You can find these little wonders at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and retailers everywhere.

The Rubbermaid Brilliance 14-Piece Food Storage Container Set crafted and beautifully designed. These BPA-free tritan containers are built with an airtight leak-proof seal and secure latches. Crystal-clear lids and bases make it easy to see what is inside and are stain and odor resistant. Featuring a splatter-free lid design, the built-in vents allow steam to escape so you can conveniently microwave food without removing the lid.
Still seeking nirvana through products, I have now started neatly storing leftovers in these charming containers. One can always hope.
As Rubbermaid says, the Brilliance collection is a state-of-the-art food storage container that is 100%leak-proof, guaranteed and serve as an ultra-durable easy care solution for everyday demands.
Go Rubbermaid. Now about that cat. Oh, for heaven’s sake. It’s not my cat. It lives next door, but just comes calling daily for a hand out. Who wouldn’t?

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Linda West Eckhardt, is an award winning journalist, food writer, and nutritionist. Her more than 20 cookbooks have garnered prizes including the James Beard prize for the best cookbook for a text she wrote with her daughter, Katherine West DeFoyd, entitled Entertaining 101, Doubleday. Their follow-up book, Stylish One Dish Dinners, Doubleday, was also nominated for a James Beard prize. Their next book, The High Protein Cookbook, Clarkson Potter, remains a best seller after 12 years. That book was designed to accompany low carb diet plans. Her ground-breaking book, Bread in Half The Time, Broadway Books, was named the Best Cookbook in America by the prestigious IACP, The Julia Child award. Her award winning radio work with Jennifer English, for a national show on the Food and Wine radio network, was nominated for a James Beard Prize for a show called, “I Know What You Ate Last Summer.”

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