Taco Majal puts the fuse in fusion in New York’s West Village. Don’t miss it.

By on May 3, 2017

Taco Mahal, 73 7th Ave. South, NYC in the West Village call 646-719-1553

Who knew Indian inspired tacos could be a thing?

A new joint for tacos, a new concept that puts the fuse in fusion, this little thumb print of a restaurant located in New York’s West Village, is not to be missed.
So you can’t get yourself to the Taj Mahal this season, surely you can get to the Taco Mahal for food that is exciting, gorgeous to look at, totally hand made, and luscious in the mouth.
I heard about this spot from my foodie friend, Geetika Khanna, who keeps her eye on the prize in the ever foodie New York City. Ms. G. loves color in food as much as I do, and this new fusion spot makes food that practically leaps off the plate it is so colorful.
The founder of Taco Mahal, Danikah Josan, is a young woman who is as bubbly as a glass of champagne, with the energy of a volcano, and the drive that makes America great. Her dad, Iqbal Singh, from the Punjab, sold newspapers on this very corner for more than 30 years. Her mom, Julia Cora, who came here from Puerto Rico, kept the kitchen fires going. As Danikah says, “fusion is in my DNA.”
I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala Roti Taco which was made on a base of buttery whole wheat flat bread that had been cooked in the traditional Indian oven, slapped up against the side until it browned and blew up into the mouthwatering base for these yummy tacos.
For a mere $3.50, this heavenly taco was stuffed with chicken breast that had been marinated in ginger, cumin, turmeric and other Indian spices with yogurt, then roasted and slow cooked to perfection. Topped off with shredded deep green lettuce and slivered red onions, it was a vision before I even took the first bite.
Their menu also includes lamb, vegetarian, and other gorgeous choices. You won’t go there just once. You’ll want to eat every meal there. I did.

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