You scream. I scream. We all scream for PIZZA. Your fave?

By on November 12, 2017

MY First Time

Can you remember your first time? Did it bring you pleasure or pain? Were you dazzled or dazed? Were you in the back seat of a car? Or in a booth? Was the roof of your mouth on fire after it was all over? Could you even bring yourself to say the word? How old were you?

And what was that first time? First bite? Did you yearn for more?

I’m talking about pizza. Of course. I can remember the first pizza I ever saw, where I was and what I thought and how it tasted and yes it did burn the roof of my mouth because I couldn’t let it cool enough to stop steaming before wolfing it down.

The fabulous Barnard sisters, Kay, Denice and Sue, my cousins who did everything first; first dates. First hickies, first timers introduced me to pizza when I visited them after they had moved away from Hereford to glamourous Tucson, Arizona in the early fifties. They taught me everything I needed to know. About pizza.

And all I could say was Me Too.

We went to a drive-in where the waitresses were on roller-skates and their mother’s fabulous new Buick convertible with the top down just glided into place as if it had found its spiritual home.

I can taste that pizza right this minute. A flying ball-of-fire that I couldn’t get enough of and one that the Barnard sisters and I shared on that long ago December day where the sunshine was astounding and the world was brilliant and new.

Then every day of my Christmas visit, we made a pizza at home, using a Chef Boyardee box mix to whip up that new-found thrill. Rip open the box and there was a cello pack of flour for the crust, a tiny little tin of red sauce, and generous container of fake parmesan cheese.

You would have thought I had discovered the rosetta stone. I couldn’t get enough of it. When I made one for my parents back in Hereford, they were tolerant but not won over. I guess you just had to be there, I told them.

And now, all these years later, where pizza has evolved and become a mainstay in joints from coast to coast, from North to South and from East to West, I still ask you this question? What is your favorite pizza and where do you get it?

Tell me your story, send me pictures of your favorite pizza and you could win a pizza eating op with me. Let’s share a pizza today.

What say?

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Linda West Eckhardt, is an award winning journalist, food writer, and nutritionist. Her more than 20 cookbooks have garnered prizes including the James Beard prize for the best cookbook for a text she wrote with her daughter, Katherine West DeFoyd, entitled Entertaining 101, Doubleday. Their follow-up book, Stylish One Dish Dinners, Doubleday, was also nominated for a James Beard prize. Their next book, The High Protein Cookbook, Clarkson Potter, remains a best seller after 12 years. That book was designed to accompany low carb diet plans. Her ground-breaking book, Bread in Half The Time, Broadway Books, was named the Best Cookbook in America by the prestigious IACP, The Julia Child award. Her award winning radio work with Jennifer English, for a national show on the Food and Wine radio network, was nominated for a James Beard Prize for a show called, “I Know What You Ate Last Summer.”

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