Best Champagne Pairings for the Holiday Season

By on December 21, 2017

Bob Ecker’s Top Ten Champagne pairings
By Bob Ecker November 24, 2014

Reims: France

Champagne is one of life’s simple yet decadent pleasures.


*Corn Nuts – I was turned on to the pairing between Champagne and this curious crunchy snack food by a Sommelier in Paris years ago. It works remarkably well and is my go-to ever since. Enjoy with Champagne Marion-Bosser sumptuous Brut Rose. Those delicate bubbles interact with the salt to tickle and delight. Try it.
*Foie Gras – alas not in California but in the rest of the world, the umami rich liver pate is a perfect match with fine Champagne. Spread on a piece of fresh bread and enjoy alongside a flute filled with Drappier’s Grand Anne 2004. Absolutely delicious.
*Thai Food – The spicier the better. Clean cold bubblies, preferably a Blanc de Blancs or Rose makes excellent combos with tasty Thai cuisine and help to balance the heat from those hot peppers. Some fine Moet & Chandon Imperial will satisfy.
*Pringles – yeah, they aren’t gourmet chips available in Whole Foods or Dean & DeLuca, but something about the unusual, salty, artificial nature of Pringles goes great with Champagne. Don’t believe me? Pair with some zesty “Bolly,” i.e. Champagne Bollinger at your next party and tell me if I was wrong.
*Lobster – nothing tastes better with a dish like Lobster Thermidor than a brilliant glass of Champagne.A lusty bottle of Krug’s Grande Cuvee is as good as it gets.
*Sushi – Simple, clean and elegant, beautifully prepared sushi makes a fine marriage with an outstanding bubbly such as Duval-LeRoy’s Femme de Champagne 2000. This terrific tropical, wine in its distinctive bottle, and then a touch of wasabi? Wow, a terrific match.
*Fossier Biscuits Roses de Reims – Like little ladyfingers, these delightful rose colored biscuits offer a delicate complement to hearty bubbly. These Fossier treats have been produced in Reims since 1690, and some in Champagne dip these trifles in the champagne itself. Sample with Pommery’s bold and elegant Cuvee Louise.
*Chocolate Fondant – Try this dessert with Cuvee William Deutz Millesime. Yummy x 2.
*Smoked Salmon on toast points – High quality smoked salmon like that from Ireland’s Burren Smokehouse pairs gorgeously with a good Champagne. Pair with a Delamotte, Blanc de Blancs.
Cheese Puffs

Ben & Jerry’s

*Crème Brûlée – This classic French dessert is a natural with bubbly, preferably an ample bodied wine such as Tattinger Brut NV.
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Bob Ecker is a Napa, California based wine writer

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