For Longevity, eat more dairy. Yes! Cheese, Cream, Milk

By on September 19, 2018

Don’t like the nutritional news? Wait a minute. It will change. How many times have I read advice that said stay away from dairy. Too fatty, too likely to produce indigestion, at the very least, or heart disease at the other end of that argument.

Coming from a cattle family, and growing up next door to a family that had a cow pen next to their house, I have never really bought the argument that dairy was bad. I am happy to report, the new science has come into line with my belief system. Always a good thing.

Researchers at Britain’s McMaster University including Mahshid Deghan, an investigator at the Nutrition Epidemiology program at the Population Health Research Institute and lead author of this study finds, “Consumption of dairy products might be beneficial for mortality and cardiovascular disease, especially in low and middle income countries where dairy consumption is lower than in Europe and North America.”

We’re not talking about absurd quantities, but really reasonable amounts: one 8 ounce glass of whole organic milk per day, or 4 ounces of full fat cheese, or 1 smear of butter on top of your veggies. The benefit of dairy includes certain amino acids, vitamins K1 and K2, calcium, magnsesium, potassium and some probiotics.< This all flies in the face of conventional wisdom of today which has cast dairy into the reject bag along with other full fat animal products including meats and certain poultry and seafood items.Participants in the study fr0m Europe and North America ate the most dairy, at about 13 ounces per day (or about 4 servings) but were observed to have fewer incidences of heart disease.The researchers at McMaster U. evaluated information on 136,384 volunteers between the age of 35 to 70 from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiologican (PURE) study. At the start of the study, the participants filled out questionnaires about their diets. Researchers revisited the participants nine years later. At that time 6796 had died, 5855 had heart attacks or other cardiovascular events, but the remaining 100,000+ participants remained in good health.

This sounds like heresy in light of the conventional wisdom of our day, but so it goes with science. Science has always been a moving target. This new study also comes under the category of common sense, and flies in the face of past beliefs which sometimes said only babies should consume dairy. This new study focused on middle aged and elderly participants and their findings are clear. Drink a glass of milk. Eat a cheese sandwich. It’s good for you.

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