French Daube de Boeuf

By on February 12, 2019

Count on the French to improve on a classic.  Sure, you’ve probably made and eaten beef stews, those wonders that take a tough cut of meat and make it into ambrosia. And you may be familiar with the usual ingredients:  beef, potatoes, carrots, onion, celery and tomato.  But the traditional version takes all day and dinner on the grass to get it made.

When voila! Enter the newest kitchen toy, the Electric Stew Pot which makes quick work of anything.  You talk about a convenience.  Within 30 minutes, you can be ready to serve this traditional French stew that used to take all day to cook.

2 pounds beef chuck, cut into bite sized pieces

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

6 smashed garlic cloves

6 strips bacon, chopped

2 cups brown mushrooms, quartered

sea salt and black pepper to taste

2 large carrots, peeled and chopped

1 large yellow onion, peeled and chopped

1 celery stalk with leaves, chopped

1 cup small potatoes,  left whole

1/2 cup Nicoise olives

1 28 ounce can chopped tomatoes and juice (Pomodoro de San Marzano is best)

1 cup beef stock

1 cup rich red wine (Cotes de Rhone is great here)

6 parsley sprigs, chopped

3 thyme strips, chopped

1 bay leaf

1 strip orange rind (colored part only about 4 inches long)

Chop beef and put it into a large bowl with olive oil and garlic.  Set it aside.  Now quarter mushrooms and place them in a large skillet with a couple tablespoons olive oil.  Cook until golden then transfer to the cooking pot.  Now saute meat, bacon, then carrots, onion and celery in the skillet until golden then transfer them into the pot. Add potatoes, Pour in tomatoes and juice, beef stock, red wine, parsley, thyme, bay leaf and orange rind. Cover and cook on “meat” setting for 20 minutes.  Taste and adjust seasonings. Discard bay leaf and orange rind.  serve with French bread.  That was easy.  Yum.

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