The Graduation Blues: Top 10 Things To Do Before You Reject the Idea of Going to College

By on April 12, 2019

A young friend of mine just announced on Facebook that she has decided not to go to college.  Her reasoning is long and convoluted, but underneath it all,  it sounds to me like she’s just scared.  Here’s my little “attaboy” to her.  I wish you would write to me here and tell me what you would say to this kid ready to jump.

Top Ten Things To Do Before you Reject the idea of Going to College

1. Ask yourself what will you do instead?  Go to work? Lie in bed and contemplate the here-after. Call your friends.

2  What friends?  All your friends have gone away to school.  You will have to make new friends.  But where?

3. Worried about the cost of going to college? Think about the cost of NOT going. Who do you think gets paid the most? Who gets the promotions. Who gets the opportunities.

4. Move out of your mother’s house? I mean come on.  It’s not your house any more.  Get your own house.

5. Figure out how to pay for room and board. And who will pick up after you now that mom is out of the picture.

6. What are you afraid of? What do you think underlies people’s fear of going to college? Cost?  Being away from home? Being lonely?  What is it that’s holding you back.

7. Ever consider the real benefit you get from going to college? I mean really. What’s  in it for you? Why do people go.

8. No matter what your interests, what your skills and talents,  what your shortcomings.  Every single person who goes to college can be guaranteed to get one thing out of it.  Critical thinking skills.  Yes.  The ability to make reasoned decisions that don’t waste your time and your parents’ money.

9. and there’s just one more little thing I can guarantee you’ll get. Lots of fun.  In fact more fun than you even knew to dream for.

10. Stick your toe in the water. Sign up for school. Pack your bags. Go. Just one semester.  Then come back and tell me what you think.

All the luck in the world to you,  kid.  We’ve all got your back.  All us college graduates. Yes.  Linda Eckhardt


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